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Current Group Members


  • Heidi Hirsh, Affiliate, UIT Service Center Operations
  • Staci Lewis, PhD., Stanford 2019
  • Neil Tangri, PhD., Stanford 2019
  • Hans DeJong, PhD., Stanford 2018
  • Sverre Liv LeRoy, PhD., Stanford 2018
  • Cassandra Brooks, PhD., Stanford 2017, Assistant Professor University of Colorado
  • David Koweek, PhD., Stanford 2016, Postdoctoral Associate, Carnegie Institution for Science
  • Justine Kimball, PhD., Stanford 2014, National Coral Reef Monitoring Program Coordinator, NOAA
  • Michael Osborn, PhD., Stanford 2014, Audio Production Director and Research Scholar at Worldview Stanford
  • Sharmini Pitter, PhD., Stanford 2014, NOAA Center for Coastal and Marine Ecosystems, Florida A&M University
  • Lida Teneva, PhD., Stanford 2013, Science Officer at OceanX
  • Christina Riesselman, Ph.D., Stanford, 2011, now Faculty at Univ. Otago and Mendenhall Fellow, USGS
  • Matthew Long Ph.D., Stanford, 2010, Scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research
  • Chris Moy, Ph.D., Stanford, 2009, now Faculty at Univ. Otago and Mendenhall Fellow, USGS
  • Jessica Kelleher, M.S., Stanford, 2007, Program Manager for Public Lands Defense at The Wyss Foundation
  • Elizabeth Scheimer, M.S., Stanford, 2007, now with U.S. Navy
  • Michael Lutz, Ph.D., Stanford, 2005, now Research Scientist at RSMAS
  • Ashley Maloney, M.S., Stanford, 2005, now Ph.D. student , University of Washington
  • Nancy Grumet, Ph.D., Stanford, 2004, Research Scientist, USGS
  • Charlotte Kelchner, M.A., Rice, 2004, now with Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Michael Mastrandrea, Ph.D., Stanford, 2004, now Research Associate at Stanford
  • David Munro, M.S., Stanford, 2004, now Ph.D. student at University of Washington
  • Lindley Zerbe, M.S., Stanford, 2002, now a Dentist
  • Kevin Thiessen, Ph.D., Stanford, 2002, now Professor at University of Saint Thomas
  • Harold Rowe, Ph.D., Stanford, 2001, now Professor at University of Kentucky
  • Robb Houston, M.A., Rice, 1999, now with an environmental consulting company in Michigan
  • William Jones, M.A., Rice, 1995, now at University of Adelaide, Australia
  • Jennifer Rogers (now Jennifer Villinski), M.A., Rice, 1995, scientist with BP Amoco
  • Carlos Azalgara (co-chair with A.W. Bally), M.A., Rice, 1994, now a geoscientist with Petrobras Venezuela
  • Erika Frantz, M.A., Rice, 1993, scientist with BP Amoco
  • Carrie Stock, M.A., Rice, 1991, now with an environmental consulting company, North Carolina
  • Kim Miskell-Gerhardt, Ph.D., Rice, 1989, retired scientist from Exxon-Mobil
  • Richard C. Marty, Ph.D., Rice, 1989, now owns an environmental consulting company
  • Amy Leventer, Ph.D., Rice, 1988, now Professor at Colgate University
  • Lorinda Driskill (co-chair with R.E. Casey), M.A., Rice, May, 1987, now a geoscientist with Landmark Graphics
  • Steffi Minnis, M.A., Rice, May, 1986, now with an environmental consulting company, New Jersey
  • Johnny Bartz, M.S. student, Stanford