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Shipboard and Field Based Carbon System Measurement Setups

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We are a lab and field based research group

panoramic view of lab
This setup is on board the RVIB N.B. Palmer measuring discrete TDIC and TA and is tied into the ship’s underway system measuring TA, pH, T, S, DO, pCO2 via a ProOceanus unit in parallel with the permanently installed LDEO pCO2 equilibration system.

Coral Reefs

These systems were setup using our custom multi-port manifold system to measure TDIC, pH, DO, pCO2, T, and S on a raft in Palmyra, a vessel in Palau, and a beach in American Samoa to measure net calcification rates on a coral reef.

Raft with equipment
equipment on the boat
Tent on beach in Samoa

Kelp Forest

Because these instruments are independent we can design many configurations. This one is using a custom built multi-port manifold system to sample water from 5 different depths in a kelp forest. Water from all but the selected port is continuously pulled through the manifold via an impeller waste pump and a peristaltic pump flowing at the same rate as the waste pump delivers water to the various sensors (TSG and pCO2) and a free interface cup for TDIC and pH.

Back of boat with equipment

Tank Experiments

Investigating the effectiveness of bubble plumes for ecosystem engineering. This system was setup at Hopkins Marine Station to measure TA, pH, pCO2, TDIC, DO, T, and S. Inside the tank was an array of diffusers, SBE56 thermistors, and a Nortek ADV.

Lab equipment
Lab equipment

Tech2000 Hydraulic Coral Drilling System

We use a Tech2000 hydraulic coral-drilling rig used to take continuous cores from corals or other carbonate systems.

Divers drilling into coral